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Recton provides businesses with advanced technology, advanced products and services; offers creative solutions that can reduce maintenance, energy and operating costs.

Our goal is to reduce our environmental impact by offering products and services that support energy and water savings, while also providing financial savings to our customers. By adopting the principles of sustainability, energy saving and preventive maintenance, we bear the responsibility of protecting the environment at every stage of our business and leaving a cleaner world to future generations.

It is able to serve different industrial areas and customers by combining its knowledge and experience with innovative products and advanced engineering understanding in the sector it has been in since 1998.

We offer our customers the supply of leading products, pump efficiency analysis and pump optimization expertise.

Recton has many proven references in reducing cost, energy and carbon emissions with pump performance testing and real-time pump monitoring, wireless energy - vibration monitoring system and turnkey engineering projects.

Pump Systems, Vibration, Temperature, Energy Monitoring and Pump Performance Monitoring Systems, Proactive and Preventive Maintenance Products


Pump and Pump Station Tests, Pump Audit, Energy Check, Efficiency Coatings (MPPC), Retrofit Pump Renewal, Retrofit Maintenance


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Endüstriyel Kaplama, Bakim ve Ürün Tedarigi

Our services

Tesisinizde çalışmakta olan pompa, Çiller, Kule, Kazan vb (HVAC) sisteminizin...

Korozyon önleme ve pompa verimliliklerini arttırmak için kompozit polimer...

İşletmedeki tüm HVAC (Isıtma/ Soğutma) proseslerine yönelik detaylı ölçüm...

Pompaların performans ve elektri/mekanik durumları özel Pump Checkup...

Pompa istasyonunda parelel çalışan  her pompanın debi, basınç, sıcaklık ve enerji...

Performans Garantili Momentum Pompa Verimlilik Kaplamaları ile %3 ile %25 arasında verimlilik artışı

Devreye alma (start-up) hizmeti sırasında pompaların performans...

DN15-DN1000 boru çaplarında temiz su uygulamaları için Debi...

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